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MY Quote of the Moment
"The hardest way to miss somone, is to be sitting beside them, knowing you will never be with them." - Nice guys around the world.


      D-Nyed lives in beutiful Toronto Ontario, He creates music as an outlet for his frustrations, emotions and stresses. He is constantly producing new works, so please visit this page often, be sure to refresh, and you might even be the very first person to hear a new song as it's released.

      DJ D-Nyed enjoys the priviledge of recording with artists such as Stacey Long (Country singer) and Brado Creamed Corn (Electronic Noise). DJ D-Nyed, as an experienced recording engineer, is happy to work with other aspiring artists, in the hopes of networking and meeting new people.

      DJ D-Nyed supports the Free exchange of music on the internet, and Welcomes you to download and burn a copy of his music onto CD, or any medium you like. All he asks in return is that he get's credit for composing the music.

"I post my songs to this page just minutes after finishing them"
- DJ D-Nyed

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Digital Hair Gel
Fully Functional
Nice Guys Finish Last
Sequence of Ingenuity
Beuty in Darkness
Push it as far as you can
Cover songs never to be released

Random Song
SONG: MidwayToInsanity
ALBUM:Fully Functional

------I wrote the first 40 seconds or so of this song long ago and abandoned it, then this morning, I opened it again and thought "What can I do with this?" and here's what I did with it. The song was originally entitled "Creepy" but with the different path the song has taken then originally intended, I felt it needed a new name.